According to the FA website we have been drawn at home Vauxhall Motors.<br>

A tough draw but no reason that we can’t make progress. We are at home and can’t ask for more than that.

About as tough a draw as we could have got at this stage really, barring blyth away!<br>Not a good draw gate wise either still surely within out abilities to get through and its at home.<br>Get that drum ready!

I agree, I wasnt at the Match, (away in holland) but lets face it young Wittoners are not exactly everywhere, if corbyn wants to try and gee up the atmosphere then good luck to him, after all if some of the moaners want to give the lad a hard time he can go and support our neighbours (like most of his mates probably will!), if the club and older supporters do not encourage new fans then lets face it whats the point.

I’d rather listen to the drum than some of our more inane supporters.<br><br>

Anyway, getting back to the euphoria of the F A Cup draw … whilst it’s a tough draw for us, Vauxhall Motors won’t be relishing it much either - we have the home advantage, the support :wink: and they have former Albion players David Ness & Mike Garrity in their team as well as Carl McCauley as Manager.<br><br>The game is to be played on Saturday 30 September (3pm) - you lot will make all the difference. So you’ve got plenty of notice - get behind 'em.<br><br>GE<br>

Do not see any reason why we can’t beat them. If we get our best 11 on the pitch anything is possible.<br>If there is an occasion for a drum, then it is without doubt the FA Cup. Infact, i’m even going to dust off the bag-pipes for this one.

Their highest attendance at home so far has been 237 and thats the only time theres been 200+ there this season. Cant see them bringing many then!<br><br>They are currently 4th though!

We did beat Staylbridge in that amazing final last year and they finished 7th in the league last year I think.<br>We can definitely do it.