FA Cup Prediction Results

Evening All, Awesome day,awesome hangover! “Wooden Spooner” first,

0.Vic Cadman :laugh:
1.Shaun Carter :lol:
2-1.Ted “The Vics” :wink: Bondy&Mitch,Mitch&Bondy etc etc,Amy Powell :kiss: Martin Blake,Ernie Fryer,Stuart Tulloch,Ian Bailey,Rie,T Collins,JE,Ronnie B,Neil Pickering,
3.Judith&Reg,Gordon Knop,Picko,Ian Watson,Pete Wilding,Len Holman,Doc,Big&Gorgeous :kiss: Butler Court,Me,Alan Spruce,Lee(Are you home yet?)Sheffield :wink: Scotty Powell,Jeff Powell,Bob Booth,Keith Harrison,Bulmer,Tim Hulme,Colin Pickering,Adam,Barbara Harrison,Zigga Gazza Zigga Gazza,Helen Carter,Frank “Now then now then”,Jim"I needed the money"Rushe,Tim Atherton,Greg,Mikes Collins&Blundell,Ched,Tony Dean,Baggie,Denis Conneely,Geoff P,
4.Jeff M,Big Stu&Boy,Chalie Lynes,Tony Vickers,Kerry Granite,Philip"Hes on the pitch he thinks its all over" Carter,Si Gregory,Peter,Eric,Pete Robinson,Aidan Reid&Andy Lomas,
5.Stewart Woolley,Phil Birchall,Matt"I’ll talk you through it Monday" Poole,Rog Hankey,Young Andrew Chadwick,Robbo,Dave Nield,Grant,Alan Potts,Bob Nancollis,
6.Chris Sage,

So close 7, Graham S(39) and the winner with 7 out of 11 correct and a goal tally of 36,actual 34 is Fred Spruce, well done Fred should have had more faith and you would of got 8! £71 coming your way on Wednesday,thanks again to all who took part and for the fantastic weekend!