FA Trophy Draw

Hucknall Town away, 24th November.

i’d heard that rumour somewhere else… :o

[i]The Talk of the Town is a social club that is part of Hucknall Town FC. We have a traditional pub licence and are open daily serving a wide range of beers wines and spirits. We also have Sky Sports and show all the major games.

You’ll find the staff warm and friendly and the atmosphere the same. The Talk of the Town helps support the football club by bringing much needed revenue, both on matchdays and non-matchdays. [/i]

Sorry for my ignorance but where is hucknal?? it aint in my book of yorkshire towns ::slight_smile: is it stoke area?? il get my sat nav out for this one ps hope to see u there tracy xx

Is this a footie forum or BLIND DATE ?

Theres nothing wrong with Matty’s sight how dare you suggest otherwise :wink:

His hearing? ;D

Taken from Hucknall’s website…

Their average home attendance is 372. Someone posted they take about 100 away, that, is truly amazing. I think someone may have trouble counting!!!

Looks like they are doubting our away following!!

Let’s make sure that we put them straight on the 24th!

all together … zigga zagga, zigga zagga!!!

They will be shocked!
Just asked Stamford and that was a dam sight further too!