Fans and their big mouths...

Whilst I am on my soap box I would just like to say to any Ilkeston Town players, officials and fans that had to put up with some of our fans comments whilst one of their lads was off the pitch recieving treatment tonight, that not all of us are calous and unsporting. <br><br>Witton fans are passionate and for the whole love the banter at any game and we can give as good as we get, but some of the comments tonight were quite possibly over the top.<br> <br>I personally hope the player who got stretchered off makes a speedy recovery.

knackers to that should of buried him where he lay!

lutkie or whatever you want to call yourself, your attitude is juvenile and stupid to say the least.<br><br>Grow up!<br><br>Here’s hoping the Ilkeston player has a speedy recovery - from all genuine Albion fans.<br>

I too hope their player makes a speedy recovery. However, I’m sure he would have got far more sympathy if he’d not gone all out to commit an horrendous tackle on our lad!

The comments made about the player were mainly before it became apparent how serious his injury was<br>and all the "loud mouths" were sporting enough to applaud as he finally departed.<br>It is true though that the damage was self inflicted which, at the time, loses him the sympathy vote.<br>I hope he recovers speedily, especially so he is back in time for us to beat them at their place!<br>What really wound everyone up was the referees lack of action taken in response to what the player did prior to injuring himself.Surely rules are rules irrespective of whether the player is lying prone afterwards.<br>

Tend to agree with the previous post. <br><br>It would have been even more annoying if they hadn’t already used all 3 subs and were able to replace the injured player.<br><br>In a lot of ways it reminded me of the Paul Gascoine injury incident in the cup final (1991 ?).<br><br>Best wishes to the guy for a speedy recovery despite the circumstances leading to his injury.<br><br><br>