FAO of WHS!!

WHS, I would like to put you right on Jim Vince’ [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]s staement in the Guardian a few weeks ago, and hope that this will put it to rest.<br>I am speaking as a person who has worked with Jim, and found him to be well organised and will not promise anything that he can’t deliver, here goes.<br><br>Jim has never said that we were relegation candidates, he was making reference to a target that he initially set the players. His initial forty points by Christmas target was achieved and knowing how Jim operates there will be another milestone set for the players to hit. I consider this good management as everybody involved within the club know what’s expected from the players. WHS get over the relegation issue, Jim would never have said that and if you took time to speak to him Im sure he would explain the logic behind his approach. As far as Im concerned and I can speak for all the Wittoners that personally know Jim, we have a very ambitious manager in place and one that has high standards both on and off the pitch. <br><br>So please why don’t you have a talk with Jim, and I am certain that will be as impressed as I and alot more more people are with his approach to OUR club<br><br>Happy new year and continue supporting OUR team<br>Len <br><br>

Here here well said. Bout time some one told him straight. If i remember rightly he had his chance to speak to JV but was there any sight at his speach no WHS wasnt there and so really he has no argument. JV would love to put him straight im sure because he is the kind of guy that would.

Sorry I never replied to this, I did not spot it until today. I was only commenting on what the local press reported and I made it clear that the press are very good at picking and choosing waht they print, I have had some mis-quotes attributed to myself in the past. Sorry you do not see me that much at the games and meetings but I work nearly full-time and am very close to finishing an MA by Research course at University so my time is precious at the moment. I hope that I will complete the course this summer and then I will be able to give Witton my regular support. Meanwhile I do still make donations to the Medical Centre at Wincham Park. Been a Wittoner all my life, 60 years and I have to say the last ten have been the worst, still, there is hope in this new young team.<br>WHS.