FAT Predictions Saturday 5th Nov

Evening All, Long awaited results from Saturday, Had a bit of a late night ,I think?,Thanks to all that turned up to see the Bands at the "New Wittoners "pub the Chesterway,When no-one else can umderstand me!onto the results,as always "Wooden Spooners"First;
3.Bulmer :laugh: Little Jeffers :cheer: Kieran,Ethan &Crouchy :lol:
4.Thomas,Doc1,Dave Nield,Ian Newman,Graham S,GE,Bill Wright,Shaun Carter,Bill DavisJackie Ennian :kiss: Helen Carter :kiss: Flip-Flop Carter :kiss: :kiss: ME,Lucy Porridge Oates,
5.Graham"G-Hound"Prew,Greg,Drew,Scotty Powell,Andy Conneely,Pauline Spruce,Bob Booth,Roger Hankey,Lee(Sheffield),Andy Lomas,Barbara Harrison,Ray,Alan Potts,Grant,John Hancock,Tony W,Mikes Blundell&Collins,Tim Ayherton,Chris Walton,β€œGazza”,Matt Poole,
6.Trev Senior,Josh’n’Dave,Rabbit!,Geoff Palin,T Collins,Colin Pickering,Charles Lynes,Tony Dean,Witton Robbo,Becca :slight_smile: Judith&Reg,Chris Sage,Tom Green,Ted,Phil Birchall,
7.Graham Egerton,Ian Watson,Ronnie B,Peter,Ernest,Wiffy :kiss: Amy Bubbles :kiss: The President :kiss: Neil Wilson :kiss: :kiss: Len Holman,Alan Spruce,Fred Spruce,Peter Robinson,Nigel R,Butler Court,Peter Riley,Ian Dobson,Ched,Chad,Roy Sheen,

The almost eights Doc2(34),Andy Chad(36),Col Jump(38),Robbo(40) and the Winner with 8 out of 11 correct and a goal tally of 41(Actual43), for the very first time , Isobels Grandad! aka Martin, thank God for that! I was getting to the point of giving you the money myself! I look forward to presenting you with your Β£78 on Wednesday, Thanks again to all who had a go

ONE goal


That is all you need Robbo.

I was so certain this week that my predictions were all correct. There you go its a funny old game. I notice that most of our competitors in the top 4 or 5 of our league won on Saturday. That was a pity! SBL

One goal cost us promotion only a few years ago Robbo, you are a Wittoner, you should be used to life’s little ups and downs. Better luck next time.