FC United coming to Wincham Park?

:wink: Should be the opportunity to make a few bob in the bar (as well as ground hire). See link…<br><br>http://www.fc-utd.co.uk/story.php?story_id=676&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;This relates to the Congleton Town v FC United of Manchester NWCFL Division One match provisionally scheduled for Wincham Park for Sunday 3rd December 2006, kick-off 2.00 p.m.

The match on Sunday 3rd December is confirmed although, I heard whispers on the coach going to Stamford that kick off is 3pm and not 2pm as originally stated.<br><br>Also word has got round across the other side of the canal with them suggesting that they make their facilities available to supporters from FC United.

According to FC United website, if the kick off is 2pm there wont be many coming over as the train arrives into Northwich at 14.05

:smiley: Reasonable gate of 1,106 at Wincham Park yesterday. Decent bar takings as well. As for the match - a rather scr@ppy affair that finished 1-1, Congleton took a first-half lead from a corner by their big No. 4 Scott Murcott, and FC United snatched a second-half equaliser through No. 10 Josh Howard after having seen a penalty saved a few minutes earlier.<br><br>And fun and games with a mass brawl late on that saw Congleton’s No. 6 Matt Murray red carded for landing a punch on an FC United substitute.<br><br><br><br><br><br>

Pretty poor gate by FCs standards. Anyone know the reason for a 2p.m. Kick off?

Congleton werent allowed to hold it at their ground even tho their official capacity is something like 5 thosand!(even tho nantwich could play their match against fc at their ground which is a dump!). Apparently it had to be played this weekend cos of other fixtures and cup matches. And with our ground being used Saturday they moved it to Sunday,dont know why 2pm? But with train times gettin in to Northwich and it being December thats why the crowd was so low. But 1100 for a NWCL match on a sunday aint bad!

Picture 2 - our very own DN - cheer up pal - it’s United!!

Stu for a change i actually agree with you there they arent as good as they say they are and for that striker they brought on what was his name Power he is about 50 years to old you could tell.

No don’t get me wrong its a great crowd at that level but think its the lowest one off the season home or away!

Crouchy & Stu have a look at this if you think theyre rubbish! Only lost 2 games all seson! I know were getting good results at the moment but wish they were like this!<br>www.fc-utd.co.uk/fixtures.php?year=2006&team=1<br>Phil Power it was Crouchy,he changed the game when he came on,if it wasnt for him think congleton wouldve won.<br>Ill be supporting Witton when we play FC but I wouldnt be suprised if they were in the conference before long,and their favourites win the FA Vase which could be the first game at the new Wembley,12 May 2007 exactly 2 years since Glazer took over United.Now thats fate!!<br>

They were rubbish yesterday and got beat 3 nil on wednesday but before that theyd won 9 on the trot scoring 40 goals!<br>So if losing one and drawing one constitutes a bad run Id take that!!<br>You cant play well every game!<br>

a poor crowd indeed, there were over 1200 at Nantwich, it seems that the supporters are not travelling away as much

Well there were over 3000 at the away games v Maine Road and Salford either side of the Nantwich one!