FC United of Manchester ?

Thought them over the canal were playing Man U last night, the Manchester team was<br><br>United: Heaton, Gray, Rose, Lea, Shawcross, Ngalula, Lee, Barnes, Marsh, Evans, Mullan.<br>Substitues: Burns, Crockett, Cathcart, Brandy, Hewson.<br> <br>:-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

Some very unhappy customers coming into the pub last night having forked out a lot of money to see Uniteds youth team!

Conman Nuff Sed!

And they lost - at HOME again - Don’t they just 8 it?

I here we were charging ?2 for cars to park on our carpark Glad we made some money out of it if that is the case.<br>We should maybe do the same on Sunday, charge ?1 a car when FC United play.

that has already been arranged they are playing at wincham park and they are charging ?1 a car for parking as it says on the fc united website