Festive discount at V*cs

I see santa is spreading festive joy at the stadium with no-name, 2 games for £20 in order to get bums on seats, what it doesnt tell you is if they attend the first match on Boxing day they cant leave until the 28th…

Unless they pay to get out!!!

Hmmm, a cunning plan. More cunning than Mr Cunning from Cunningtown!

Here we go, charge £20 for 2 games then call the second game off! Genius!


And, no doubt, the cunning lingers on.

Think u have put your finger on it DodgerB)

Going down, going down, going down…:stuck_out_tongue:

You beat me to it - it was on the tip of my tongue :stuck_out_tongue:

Alty are complaining on the website of lost TV revenue from Setanta, because of today’s game being off.

Presumably that affects V@cs as well - Probably means another load of tax (our money) that won’t be getting paid.

:woohoo: They should be looking forward to a festive discount of points from the FA very soon.

Well done Robbo, I knew you wouldn’t muff that chance:S

The Albion Tea Hut wrote:

Yep, could be curtains for Vics soon

Is there something fishy going on in this thread?