fgr up, vics down

[url]http://www.confguide.com/newsArticle.do?id=1690[/url]&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;As expected, the Conference AGM has reprieved Forest Green Rovers from relegation, but has sent Northwich Victoria down to the Nationwide North.<br><br>It’s a straight swap, as FGR had been allocated to the North section after finishing 20th this season.<br><br>Northwich Victoria, however, do not have the appropriate lease on the Victoria Stadium. A new company had been formed, and it has the lease. However, the FA did not sanction the transfer of membership from the old company to the new one.<br><br>Northwich had been the last ‘ever-present’ club, members of the Conference since its formation as the Alliance Premier League in 1979.<br><br>Forest Green issued the following statement:<br><br>Forest Green Rovers welcome the end of the uncertainty of where the club will be playing in 2005/06. <br><br>With our new stadium development well under way, a new Manager and going full time this uncertainanty has not helped at such a crucial period. <br><br>We can now proceed towards our long term objectives with renewed confidence, with continued support of sponsors and fans. <br><br>On the subject of fans, we extend empathy to the supporters of Northwich Victoria and whatever the immediate outcome, it is important that loyal fans ultimately have a club to support.

???I’m confused. Surely the lease problem would extend to the Conf North as well?<br><br>Or is this just another fudge by the FA?<br><br><br><br><br>