Final Saturday!!!

Will this league go all the way until the final Saturday?

Saturday 28th April;

AFC Telford V Burscough
Witton V Frickley

How about the scenarion of Telford and Burscough drawing and Witton needing 3 points to win the Championship. My god I hope it does not go this far, breaking out in a cold sweat just at the prospect!

The Tuesday before will be bad enough!

Fot the first time since the opening day of the season, i’d rather be in our position than Telford’s!!! I wouldn’t fancy their final week of the campaign!!

Get a grip Lads and "Keep the Faith" this team won’t let us down without one hell of a fight. Connors back, Moseley fit, Barrass and Spearitt fit too, plus the lads who played on Saturday, who the hell would bet on another team in this league?