Fixtures again!

Can someone please clarify when we play Guisley at home please. The programme shows it down as Monday 4th April and the Unibond website is showing it as Tuesday 5th April? It would make more sense to have it on the tuesday to allow players to recover from the long journey to Lincoln, i’m sure we have mentioned this before on this site!<br><br>Thanks in advance to whoever knows the answer.

Monday as far as I know, sponsors are in place

It is MONDAY and has been ALL SEASON.<br><br>It was in yesterday’s programme and also announced at least twice over the PA System.<br><br>UniBond site also has Monday when I just looked but they could have altered it.

Pritch,<br><br>If you want a rest the Res are playing Thursday.[smiley=cheezy.gif]<br><br>Yoza