Aug 19th North Ferriby (a)<br> 22nd Ossett Town (h)<br> 26th Guiseley (h)<br> 28th AFC Telford (a)<br><br>Sept 2nd Kendal (h)<br> 5th Matlock (a)<br> 9th Grantham (a)<br> 12th Ashton (h)<br> 16th FA CUP<br> 23rd Lincoln (a)<br> 26th Prescott (h)<br> 30th FA CUP<br><br>Oct 3rd Marine (a)<br> 7th Burscough (h)<br> 10th Mossley (?)<br> 14th Frickley (a) *FA CUP weekend<br> 17th Hednesford (h)<br> 21st FA TROPHY<br> 24th Leek Town (a)<br> 28th Gateshead (h) *FA CUP weekend<br><br>Nov 4th FA TROPHY<br> 11th Ikeston (a)<br> 14th Fleetwood (h)<br> 18th Radcliffe (h)<br> 25th Prescott (a)<br><br>Dec 2nd North Ferriby (h)<br> 9th Ossett Town (a)<br> 16th AFC Telford (h)<br> 26th Leek Town (h) <br> 30th Fleetwood (a)<br><br>Jan 6th UNIBOND FARCE CUPS<br> 13th Burscough (a)<br> 20th Lincoln (h)<br> 27th Kendal (a)<br><br>Feb 3rd Marine (h)<br> 10th MORE UNIBOND FARCE CUPS<br> 17th Guiseley (a)<br> 24th Whitby (h)<br><br>Mar 3rd Ashton (a)<br> 10th Gateshead (a)<br> 17th Ikeston (h)<br> 24th Matlock (h)<br> 31st Radcliffe (a)<br><br>April 6th Hednesford (a)<br> 9th Grantham (h)<br> 14th Mossley (?)<br> 21st Whitby (a)<br> 28th Frickley (h)<br><br>May 1st and 5th Play off and final.<br><br>Sorry I write down Mossley as both home so if someone wants to correct feel free. Fixtures as always subject to change.<br>