Fleetwood's new manager

Fleetwood appear to have predictably recruited a ‘name’ as their new manager…Micky Mellon!

It truly is amazing that at the first sign of trouble they sack Greenwood and replace him with a man without a fraction of the experience!

Melon was a very average football who rarely showed much commitment, I hope for their sake he proves to be a better manager.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them drop straight back down based on this decision. Mr Pilley appears to be the strong force at the club, he’s in the news more than any of their players or the manager, almost as if he enjoys the attention.

Very strange decision in my opinion!

Looks like they’ll be back in the Unibond next year…

You have to wonder whether Mellon was the best of a bad bunch of applicants and Mr Pilley may have realised that Fleetwood don’t have the pull that he seems to think.

Andy Preece would surely have been a better choice than Melon, neither though in my opinion are better than what they had with Greenwood.

Pilley seems to be under the illusion they are Real Madrid! He appears to be the one handing out the player contracts and making the decisions.

I love this quote of his about Greenwood in a BBC interview at the end of April…

“He’s a fantastically talented manager who keeps his bottle when all around doubt him. You couldn’t wish for a better person in your camp,” he added.

It’s amazing how doubt creeps up so quickly!

They have lost a very good manager in greenwood, i for one would love to see him at Witton at some point. I also notice mr. peers bagged 2 last night for Fleetwood…RESERVES!! Great career move then eh Mark?

Got to stand my ground here, great appointment by the Cods, obviously his CV impressed one and all, previous clubs West Brom and Witton…perfect. Best of luck Micky

Baggie wrote:

On that basis you could have given Arthur Albiston the job as well, but he would have been just as good as Micky Mellon.

Just could he played from West Brom and Witton does not make him a good managerial appointment Baggie!

No non-league management experience, very little non-league experience at all and at 36 very little coaching experience. There most of been something on his CV that shone!

Either that or he is an average ex-footballar who just happens to live down the road from the ground and has a reasonable name?

True, but every manager has to start their career somewhere at the best club they can find

I agree maniac, from Melon’s perspective this is a great job, and I hope he does well.

My point is that from the club’s perspective it is a very strange decision to sack the non-league manager of the year and replace him with a rookie.

It’s brave and only time will tell if it was a good decision by their Chairman or not!

Could have been worse - they could have pinched Nige off us !