forum members vs attendance

how come we have 672 forum members but still struggle to break the 300 barrier for most home games bar the biggies
your thoughts please?

im guessin we have a few members like myself hu cannot get to games because they r too far away from wincham park to travel, ie im a student at uni in dundee which is a hell of a long way away from wincham! lol plus u have the members that have signed up to post on here from opposition sides and so on and so forth

ok maybe it was wishful thinking, all Dundee based wittoners excused. any who are within shouting distance who post but do not attend, get your arses down to the ground, your’e missing some blindin’ footy

Say even 400 of them are witton fans why doesnt anyone post on here,theres only usually about 3 posts a day!! From 9am this morning til bout 6 there was 2 posts all day and one of those was the 200 club results!! Everyones goin on about how good this team is yet no-one speaks about it on here hardly!!

have to agree with you mikey, if you compare this to other forums such as whitby and hednesfprd and telford there are people on there all the time and topics r gettin debated quite a lot lol

Fair point but alot are spam members and people who have forgotten their passwords!

Fortunately MikeY your stats are way out! Average posts per day is 22.6, and don’t forget this includes the close season. For the past couple of months, there were 512 posts in January and 694 in February. The forum was upgraded in January and was not available for a short time, also we’ve suffered with a couple of lengthy outages after important games, which will have reduced the number of posts we could have had. (Before anyone says ‘Get a life’, these stats are easily accessible from the home page!). Telford’s board is very active but no surprise there given their average attendance.

I’ve got rid of the obvious spam sign-ups, but have given the benefit of the doubt to usernames that I’m unsure about. Will be having another cleanup in the summer.

I didnt put any stats in there,the only one being about the lack of posts yesterday before the biggest game so far and there was 1 post between 9.15 and 6.21 and that was about the Ashton game.Its just strange,no wonder the Guardian wont talk about us if we dont even talk about the team on here.

In an attempt to encourage more members to post on the forum, can we not introduce another section? e.g. Other Football. Whilst we all follow Witton, there will a majority of fans that support Witton, but will also follow a premiership team, or league team. Stick in a general football section, and let the debates begin!

First of will Liverpool maintain there first leg advantage against Barcelona tonight? I was at Anfield last night to watch them train (perks of my job!) and they had all the stars there training - Ronaldinho, Deco, Et’o, Messi, so it’ll be a tough ask for Liverpool.

Seeing as I live near Bournemouth I cannot get to many games! I have only seen one game all season, vs Burscough. I was all set to go to Fleetwood away until it was called off. I am heading home for mother’s day though and will catch the game against Ilkeston. If we win the league or get into the playoffs, I will be there.

Personally I’d class "only usually about 3 posts a day!! " as a stat :slight_smile: . However the thing that matters at the moment is the next game, at the moment that is Telford at home and that is all anyone should be concentrating on.

It wasnt really a stat,just a general observation!! ;D
(But did forget i said it!).Anyway im sure there’ll be hundreds of posts should we win tonight!