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The last home game against Gateshead saw a number of incidents in and around the ground that none of us want to see again. We have had confirmed reports of opposition supporters being assaulted, alcohol being consumed during the game and a fan entering the pitch with a bottle. That fan has been identified and banned for life.

We know that the manner of the defeat did not help the atmosphere but that is no excuse. We have tried hard to improve the Club’s standing within the community and the UniBond League and incidents like last week do not help the Club.

We are committed to making Westfield Lane a welcoming place for all football supporters. Like all fans we want passion but on this occasion this spilled over into aggression and was unacceptable.

We have to make all fans aware that if any such events occur again then their is the distinct possibility that the Club will face sanctions from the FA and the UniBond League which may include having points deducted. If there is a repeat of the incidents those responsible will be removed from the ground and banned.

Football is a passionate game and we know that 99.9% of supporters are passionate, loyal and committed fans who only want to see the Club progress. We would urge all fans to get behind the Club and give your positive support so we can continue our escape from the bottom of the league.


good luck to their board,

FOUR FRICKLEY FANS? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

If 99.9% of Frickley fans are OK, surely that only leaves 0.4 people that are hooligans?