I have just had a call from Pete riley, he spoke to Frickley last night and they said they’d let him know if there were any problems - at 10.15am he has heard nothing.<br>So as it stands at the moment we assume its on - do check back before travelling - I’ll post any updates until 11.30 when I’m leaving myself.

Just spoke to an official at Frickley. Stated no problems with the pitch and the game is on. However i’d keep checking before travelling with the way the weather is. The guy i called is Steve and his number is on the Frickley website. Its 07985291074

Today’s Frickley v Witton game is on. There has been an overnight frost but the temperature has now risen quite a bit enabling the pitch to thaw well so we expect the pitch to be ok.<br><br>Hopefully, we’ll see a good game this afternoon.<br><br>Steve Pennock<br>Secretary Frickley Athletic FC