Following on from the superb efforts of last season (You helped raise and donate over £11,000 ) It is the intention to at least try and match that figure again this season.

All the money raised/donated goes to fund the first team budget, and I think we will all agree that we had value for money last season.

You can help/contribute in many ways, the first of which is to join the 200 club which Len Holman is running, don’t wait for him to ask you, seek him out! The cost is only £10 for the season, 50% of which is paid back in prize money, and the rest goes straight to JV.

The second way is to pledge a sum of money per month by direct debit(forms are available now) Or by donating when you can. Any amount is welcome and appreciated, but we appreciate that not everyone is able to donate.

The third and most important way is to support the functions/coaches that we are running this season. The functions we are hoping to run are as follows:-

October - Casino night - Details TBA

November 17th - Band and Disco - Details TBA

December 22nd - Winter Ball - An absolutely fantastic night with a Four Course meal and Superb Live 80s Band - Tickets via Jim Powell - £30 each.

Once again this is OUR Football Club and it is up to us all to support in whatever way we can. Please contact myself, Neil (in the shop), Len Holman or Jim Powell if you can help or wish to participate in any of the above.



We need to have our next ‘social’ meeting next week to put these great plans into place. This is not just a fundraising exercise, we have a great time at these events. The more that get involved the better.

Remember £1 per week x 52 weeks a year x 200 supporters = £10,400.

Would £1 a week be missed by anyone? Set up a standing order or a PayPal repeat payment. We can clear £15k this season if we all pull together without any problems. This money builds a better team and keeps the progress going. We cannot rely on a few people doing this - raising this money between 10 people is a lot harder than 200+

I’ll get the ball rolling by pledging £100.00 towards the fund.

Nice one Stu. Well done for getting your predictions right, and for making such a tremendous gesture.

Superb gesture Stu well done, I haven’t had a bet since the opening day when i put £20 on us to win 4-0 at 50/1 with the same intention of donating half my winnings, being the superstitious fool I am I haven’t bet since but I have thought about backing our opposition on every game, I can’t lose really, the only punter glad to lose! and donate half of the winnings to the fund if we do slip up now and then

We are meeting in the Kingfisher at 8.30 on Thursday to discuss fundraising, and particularly need people who can help organise and sell tickets for the casino night. All do’ers welcome!

Are we doing the quiz afterwards?! If you get prize money then we could donate this straight to JV’s fund!!

I need to sort out 200 Club as i haven’t put my name down yet. Can i sort it on Thurs?

you can pass the £10 to me tonight Robbo and I’ll deal with it for you. Likewise any other supporters team players.

Haven’t heard much said about this. Usually there is something mentioned thanking people for donations, but Stu didn’t seem to get any recognition? Was this just an oversight from someone?


Bet365, you have my heart-felt thanks, and eternal garattitude ;D

UPDATE - 16/11/07.

You have so far raised/contributed over £4000 through various initiatives, supporting the 200 club, functions and coaches.


Last Saturday we had a number of donations from £2.00 through to a substantial amount of hundreds of pounds. To those people who have donated and supported everything we have done so far this year THANK YOU.

To anyone else who can/wants to support us in any way large or small, don’t be shy please come and see me,Len Holman or Jim Powell

UPDATE - 20/11/07

Huge thanks to those people who made donations to the fund last weekend.

Also congrats to Jim Powell on the succesful Beaver event on Saturday.

UPDATE - 11/1/08

You have so far helped to raise over £7500 This is a fantastic effort, and many thanks to all the people who have supported us in our efforts this season.

We just need that final push now to achieve our target for the season.

It would be great if we could surpass that target, aim higher and be able to give JV and Nige a little bit extra to achieve our objective of promotion.

If you can afford to contribute in any way and in particular by Direct Debit then please contact me, Jim Powell or Len Holman.

The opportunity is hear and now not in May or through the Summer Months, don’t let this moment and opportunity pass us by.


Update - Thursday 13th March 2008.

You have raised/contributed over £9000 this season:)

That is a fantastic effort!

It would be great to raise another £900 to achieve our target and fully support JV in his aims and ambitions for this season.

We will be running a Grand National Sweep and obviously the predictions will continue to provide a neccesary income, but if you can contribute/organise in any other way then please contact me, Len, Jim Powell or Robbo.