i find it funny that when we win and win well there is a shortage of posts however when suffer a defeat all the negative people start to come out the woodwork. that tells me that people would rather have a moan when we are beaten than get behind the team when we are doing well. no wonder the team is critisised at home games, all the moaners come out. get behind the lads on sat, you never know, you might enjoy being positive for once. UP THE ALBION

Seeing as I didn’t get much response on my earlier posting on the Football Feelings page, I thought that I might try on this page <br><br>Will the moaners please give the lads a chance at home, as it is you lot that make the team nervous, because as soon as certain players come on to the field, you are moaning about them, give them a chance and get behind them for a change <br><br>You never know you might actually enjoy the game, one day [smiley=ranting.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]<br>So Saturday it is so easy to do (or maybe not for some) Try and give the lads some encouragement, They might even appreciate you for doing this, Please give it a try<br><br>See you all Saturday [smiley=banane.gif]

Good result at Matlock, credit where it is due, but it is the home form and the way we play at home whcih concerns me. We should be positive at home and go and take teams on.<br><br>If that happens then I might change my opinion of the manager.