Game off

According to the Fleetwood website and their message board the game is off - yet to be confirmed by our club or the unibond site but not suprising in my opinion.

Yep just got notification from Pete RILEY the match at Fleetwood is OFF. :frowning:

Cant it be rearranged for new years day?<br>We dont want a big pile up of fixtures near the end of the season!<br>Weve got the trophy final then!!

Vics been abandoned 10 mins into 2nd half while it was 1-1

The way the ‘games in hand’ are scheduled could prove to be critical to the seasons outcome. <br><br>We have now dropped to 8th in the league; 7 points behind Marine in third place, but with 3 games in hand over them (played 22 to their 25). So, three wins and the right results around us and we could be back to third. <br><br>The problem however is the FA Trophy, Unibond Cup and Cheshire Snr Cup!!! I can’t help thinking that these games clogging up January may be our undoing. Whilst the revenue from progressing in the Trophy in particular would be great, it may prove a distraction. We can’t afford to lose momentum in the league and just as important if we pick up any injuries in these competitions then the league could suffer.<br><br>Not sure what they general opinion is but for me I would be looking to field mostly reserve team players (and for match fitness perhaps those coming back from injuries) in both the Bamber Bridge and N******* games - neither of which carry any great importance for us. Beating our soon to be relgated neighbours in some poxy cup competition is way down the list of priorities (that said we could probably field an under-11’s youth team against them at the moment and still get a result) <br><br>Fingers crossed that the rescheduled games don’t pile up further.<br>

I TOTALLY agree with the Rabbit, only the Trophy and league matches matter, everything else is of no real importance to the Club or the supporters. We want promotion at long last, the Trophy will help to fund that but I would rather win promotion than even the Trophy and I think most right minded supporters will feel the same, I could not stand another season in this "God Forsaken" league!!!

I think the league cup is a waste of time. And why they insist on playing it on a saturday i just don’t understand.<br>I do however want to put up a good performance against Vics. If we do beat them then we’re in the Final, plus it is good publicity and might tempt some stay-aways down.

I have to disagree about the Cheshire Senior Cup tempting fans back,we won it last year and it had a negligible effect on our gates. The possibility of promotion is what will bring them back, and actually getting promotion will keep them. We have beaten Vics before, it means nothing if we continue to live in their shadow the rest of the time. Show them how much contempt we have for them by turning out the reserves.<br><br>WHS.

As much as we should try and win every game we play, I would agree with WHS. The Senior Cup means nothing for the future of WAFC, the short term financial benefit will be minimal (I don’t believe the gate on the night will be particulary big given the present position and state of our neighbours). <br><br>If we get promoted we will attract more support (albeit unlikely to be huge in the Conference North), we will attract more away fans to Wincham Park (all spending money at our ground) and a club ‘on the up’ stands a better chance of commercial involvement from local businesses and sponsors. All in all, I think our sole focus should be getting up and out of this league.<br><br>Turning out the reserves would be a great idea - let the first team put their feet up for the night!!! Even better, get a few local lads who fancy a kick-about to turn up! I see a commercial opportunity here, fans can pay to play for us for the night, raise money for the club and get to kick the opposition at the same time! If we lose 10-0 who cares, what bragging rights will that gain! I am being particular far-fetched about the last bit but just illustrating the point that in my eyes, this game is way down our list of priorities.<br><br>