gary brabin

Didnt know hed left the club, any news on the replacement and why hes left ? what do fans think good or bad ?<br><br>ps also heard the steward and commercial mgr had left ?

Yes it is true that Gary Brabin has left the position of assistant manager with the club.<br><br>Have heard rumours that he has taken a similar position with another club but how true that is, I’ve no idea.<br>Have heard that his replacement is ex Albion full back Lee Coathup, previously assistant manager at Rhyl.<br><br>The other two points made regarding the steward and commercial manager, I believe that is also true.

What about a recently retired centre half as assitant? we might be able to get a couple of more games out him then too…

Pritch is more a Wittoner than a lot of so called fans !<br>Give him a chance he would lap it up, but alas he has slipped into bad ways first the police :'(and then wedding on the way :-*, ah thats life, we cant be happy for ever can we (only a joke Wendy )<br><br>Brian Pritchard is a red ****** he hates AFC Connett Victoria Near Northwich Now that dosent rhyme any suggestions ?

yes how about shut the hell up, and ‘connett victoria’ is the club which now has the ground which shadows the tin pot next to it, near northwich<br><br> heres one brian pritchard is a red is a red is a red, theres something wrong with his head ,cos he hates northwich!!! [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br><br>AT LEAST WINCHAM WILL HAVE 1 CHAMPIOMCHIP WINNING SIDE NEXT SEASON ND IT WONT B DA TEAM WITH THE TIN POT GROUND STUCK IN THE DIZZY HEIGHTS OF THE UNIS**T LEAGUE :-*

Totally ignoring the last post. ::)<br><br>Yes, there are lots of things which rhyme with V**s and I’m sure a few half-decent songs about our dear neighbours and ex-squatters.<br><br>Can’t help thinking that a change of assistant manager ought to be a big enough story to go on the news/front page-maybe not confirmed yet?

Perhaps is has something to do with the fact that he has been suspended for the first six weeks of the season.

why has he been suspended?

Because of the Bishop Auckland thing I guess. If it’s true of course.

It is true and Lee Spike has been suspended for the first three matches and fined. <br><br>The Club also has to answer a charge in due course.

What has happened to Bishop Auckland?

They have to appear as well

what happened at bishop auckland then ?

Taken from the non league website<br><br>Veterans Peter Atherton and Gary Brabin were the surprise faces at The Shay when Nationwide Conference National club Halifax Town returned for pre-season training. <br><br>And the duo could be in line to play for the Shaymen when they play their first friendly at Brighouse Town next week. <br><br>Former Sheffield Wednesday defender Atherton was released by Bradford City towards the end of last season while Brabin has been assistant-manager at UniBond League Premier Division side Witton Albion. <br><br>Manager Chris Wilder confirmed that the duo would be with Halifax for the next couple of weeks at least while all parties assessed their options. <br><br>"They are two players we know all about," said Wilder. "They are both experienced Football League players. <br><br>"There is nothing concrete, we will have a look at them in pre-season and they will have a look at us. <br><br>"Both have had successful careers at different levels and both have the desire to continue playing. If that was not the case neither of them would be here." <br><br>Atherton, 35, has played over 600 senior games in a career that started as a trainee at Wigan in 1988. He has also played for Coventry and Birmingham. <br><br>Brabin has played more than 250 games in a career that started at Stockport and took in the likes of Doncaster, Bury and Blackpool. <br><br>And Wilder appears keen to supplement a squad that includes plenty of young players with some more experienced campaigners. <br><br>"Looking at last season, a slight criticism is that we were touch naive," he said. "We put ourselves in positions to win games and a touch more experience might have picked up more points. <br><br>"Players like Gary and Peter, along with Wayne Jacobs and Lee Butler if they play, would give us that experience." <br><br>Wilder appeared pleased with the way things have gone as he began preparations for the trip to Morecambe on the opening day of the campaign. <br><br>"The lads’ attitudes were great - like they always have been," said Wilder. "But is what happens on August 13th when the Conference season starts that will be the most important<br><br>

Is anyone going to answer the question, wat happened at bishop auckland? (or alledgedlly happened)!!<br><br>Is there a reason why people are ignoring the previous guys question??<br><br>so is anyone gonna shed any light on the matter?

Nothing happened at Bishop Auckland, It was well reported what happened at home against BA and witnessed by supporters who were at the game

I understand that ourselves and Bishop Auckland in the near future will answer the charge of failing to control our players on that day. Not sure what date that is though but hopefully someone will inform you on here or just keep checking the discipline page on the FA website

The Chairman, Safety Officer and myself are representing WAFC on Monday 25 July at the hearing at Cheshire FA offices.<br><br>GE<br>

So why is Brabin playing for Halifax when he got a 6 week ban and a fine - any clues???

Gary Brabin received a SIX match ban that commences on August 20th, That being the start of the NPL season, for his misdeamours in the home Bishop Auckland match.<br><br>Obviously Halifax Town are not too pleased having to inherit this suspension but hey why not do what the lizards do - ignore the ban altogether!!.<br><br>Check out the FA website and you’ll still see a Richard Battersby against their name who has a one match ban hanging over him from his time at Radcliffe Borough last season. So not only should he not have played against us but as their match at Stalybridge was their first "Recognised First Team Match" of the season then according to how we have always interpreted the discipline rules he should have sat that match out.<br><br>So if all this rings true then it’s Minus Point time again!!!<br>