Gary Finley

I am not going to come on here saying "bad start" etc… <br><br>But not much has been said about Gary Finleys terms and conditions - how long is his contract etc…?

I am surprised no-one can answer my question, Neil, Debbie??<br><br>I am interested to know how long we have given Gary Finley on his contract, as we know Wortho can be a bit trigger happy at times.

Not that bad the second game though eh?

Dont get me wrong Matt - I am not being critical of the new regime, far from it after last night.<br><br>I was merely enquiring what kind of contract he had signed??


But if he gets us into the Play-Offs, he gets a two year contact? Correct?

Contracts for any Witton personnel will be discussed at Board meetings and with the relevant person at a time when the Board decide he/she is to be placed on a contract.<br>That is always the criteria and will remain so.<br><br>GE<br>

But at the moment Graham, he is not been paid for his services?


Obviously he is!

Of course he’s been paid