Gary Finley

Come on fans lets get behind Gary and Brabs. I agree the results could have been better but J.D never left alot of quality.<br>We need a bit of stability in the club and I am sure Gary will turn it around. If we start putting pressure on Gary we will have the likes of Alvin mcdonald hanging around the boardroom once again. This I feel is not what the club needs. We need a young man to lead us and not and old one ?who seems to be massively disliked in the non league game.<br>Yours in sport [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]

Has the manager changed has name?<br><br>Have to disagree I’m afraid<br><br>The one thing John D did have right were the teams defensive duties borne out by the following.<br><br>In the 15 league games under JD we kept 6 clean sheets and conceded just 12 goals.<br><br>In the 15 league games since JD we have kept 2 clean sheets (1 against 9men) and conceded 22 goals.<br><br>So there was a little bit of quality there!<br><br>The football was undoubtedly dour and as such I can understand people wanting a fresh face.<br><br>As for the manager - as with all managers and players at the club I feel we should always support them whilst at the club REGARDLESS of personal feelings<br><br>Continuity is something which we have been lacking at the club for far too long.<br>

Don’t agree, under JD we had a very good defensive record but also an awful attacking record, drawing every game is worse than winning one losing one, said it for JD and will say it for GF every manager needs at least one summer to make a team. The best signing GF has made has been out injured, The side he took over every supporter said wasn’t good enough and under the current chairman it will be very hard to build a team to move the club forward but I believe we need someone like Gary to make it happen, overnight success happened once for us it won’t happen again.

Dont disagree PIck but my point is that the 1st person said there wasn’t any quality in the squad.<br><br>The defence was solid and with Adam Foy and Mike Moseley the nucleus of a good squad was there.<br><br>As for anyone suggesting we change the Mgr after one third of a season that is just ridiculous!<br><br>What a difference a week makes!!!<br>

The current Chairman can take the Club forward, and will do if everyone pulls together. <br><br>There seems to be a change at WAFC, it appears that the knives are out for MAW, love to know why, he has worked wonders at the Club and makes sure it is run professionaly and within its means.<br><br>Who are the alternatives?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think Jac’s post implied any criticism of the Chairman. I read it as meaning that Mike is not willing to throw money at the team in an attempt to gain promotion unless there is a very good chance that the investment will bring financial rewards, or at least break even. This, in my book, is a virtue, not something to be criticised.<br>Everyone should be aware that the Club is being run on a sound business footing, and the board over recent years deserve every credit for bringing this situation about. Patience is the key, unfortunately in football it is so often lacking, and supporters frequently have irrational and unrealistic expectations.<br>One thing seems clear, under the previous manager there was little chance of watching regular, exciting, attacking football, as those were not the tactics he chose to employ. People will not look at the results and think ‘Oh, I see Witton kept a clean sheet again, must go down to watch them’ ! From afar, it would appear that the new manager has a more attacking outlook, which, when regular decent results come, will be the key to attracting and retaining support.<br>If, at the end of NEXT season, we are still a mid-table team with wildly fluctuating performances, then the manager will have to take responsibility, but at the moment the management team are very much at the start of building and moulding a squad of players into a team that plays the way they want them to. Anyone who criticises at this stage does not know much about football!

Mike, you are perhaps a little out of touch, there seems to be several supporters who are critical of the Chairman over several matters within the Club, at least this what we are picking up, particuarly lack of investment in the team. I find that hard to believe as we are paying the highest wages since we have been at the Club and the gates are at their lowest.<br><br>It will I feel be an interesting Information Meeting on Monday night, a few things I am sure will be said from various quarters including the Chairman.<br><br>Shame I can’t be there.

Thanks Rob. Obviously, as I’ve been out of the country since August then my only ways of keeping up with what is going on are the internet and 'phone calls, so it’s very likely I’m missing some of the ‘vibes’.<br><br>Whilst every supporter is entitled to their opinions, and inevitably those in positions of authority will make decisions that others do not agree with, I strongly feel that anyone who produces strong criticisms of the current financial policy regarding the playing side of the club are out of touch with the reality of running the club as a business, and would be doing the club they support a disservice. I hope anyone considering making such (strong) criticisms thinks long and hard before doing so.

My opinion (for what its worth) this season has been a great disappointment after all the hype it was gven close season, expectations were high after a good run in and a cup final, the improved budget was there for the manager to push us forward. <br><br>As a board or member of the development committee at the time you can do little more than that. The manager was given funds which he wanted to do what we all thought was possible. Further investment was later made in the signing of Ryan Baker. <br><br>However what followed was the worst football I’ve seen in a good few years as performances deteriorated and results were little better. (gates too dropped) A manager who produced some of the showings we had in Oct/Nov with the players he spent all summer recruiting with and improved budget (and also thought you should "cheer up" after the worst FA Cup defeat I’ve ever seen) in my opinion had to go.<br><br>What followed in similar fashion to when JD joined us was always looking like a building job unless things really clicked - however seeing the games leading up to JD’s departure I have to admit I’d not have picked those players to go on such a good run! Strangley it didn’t click.<br><br>So to the time of Finley, yes there have been some gutless displays - Wednesday sounds like one of them, but there have also been some excellent showings, but not enough of them. As we stand at the moment I’d be happy with a top 10 finish, hopefully win a cup (albeit not the most prestidgious) and then see who he can bring in in the summer. If we re back in the same position by Oct/Nov this year (heaven forbid) I’ll be of the same opinion.

In echo of the above, of course the two Gary’s need longer.<br><br>(No-one in this thread has actually said otherwise - it’s the people who generally DON’T come on this forum that voice the opposite opinion on the terraces!!)<br><br>The only thing I’ve got to add really is that although those involved with the club know that the budget has increased considerably each year cummulating in the highest this year, from the outside, the football has got no better and money has clearly been spent on the social club.<br><br>Before I get shot down for that statement, I understand the importance of updating the facilities to increase revenue through those avenues, but the average fan won’t. This is maybe why some of them become frustrated with the team and assume that money is not being made available to the manager, thus blaming the board.<br><br>The majority of the fans don’t have a problem with the football management; they understand that continuity is required and most are just frustrated that what was meant to be an excellent season for all concerned has turned into another damn squid.

I don’t believe that anyone has been critical of the investment into the team Rob.(Mr Mellor aside!)<br><br>

I have to agree with most postings, most fans are still well behind Mike Worthington, maybe they dont appreciate the increase in budgets, maybe masked by the poor performances ? There are of course some people who have been upset in Mikes Reign and it is probably those guys who are the most vociferous in condemning Mike, hopefully tonight Mike will see that the vast majority are right behind him and really do appreciate Mike virtually saving the club ?<br><br>My words to Mike would be dont be distracted by the moaners and knockers but keep your plan on track, ig Gary gets the team right then it will all be ok.<br>