Gateshead robbery

Whilst every witton fan will know we should have put away some of the chances we had, we must remeber that greg between the sticks pulled off some tremendous saves and timely blocks, in very difficult conditions, well done greg.
As for the time wasting, surely the match officials should have done something I recon they wated at least 10 playing minutes taking goalkicks alone.
Was that chance in the first half over the line, I coulnt see it from where I was?
All I can say is well done witton, we were by far the better team football wise and Nige lets get them fired up for sat.


Stuart, I dont think anybody will argue with you on Greg. I comment after nearly every game about how good he has been. He has been our best player easily so far this season. And i believe it is possibly the only area where we have impoved on last season. Jk was quality but made a few more mistakes than greg and jks positioning at times was a little puzzling. I cant fault Greg at anything he has done so far he is brilliant and pulled off some wonder saves I hope he stays here for many years to come! Non-leagues no.1, non-leagues, non-leagues no.1!

Great post Stu. The lads put in 110% last night and they deserve a lot of credit.

Carn’t wait for saturday

Yellows, Yellows