Gateshead Support

The atmosphere at the Whitby and Telford matches is certain to be fantastic, however the Gateshead match is where we need you most!!!

If anyone is unsure of whether to go or not then stop waivering and make sure you are there on Monday night. Yes it is a long way, yes you will not be home until 1 in the morning, yes you will be tired on Tuesday morning!

WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE and potentially 3 games from going up as Champions. You have the whole summer to catch up on your sleep and look back with a smile on your face at the great away days of the season.

If this game was on a Monday night three weeks into the start of the season then I would probably take the same attitude as most and opt for a night on the sofa. Generating any sort of atmosphere at Gateshead will not be easy with the distance of the crowd from the pitch. In fairness Gateshead are also in good form so this is far from an easy away game at such a crucial part of the season.

We need to put the effort in, if you can get on the road by 4pm Monday there should be enough time to comfortably get to the game. It will be a massive boost to the lads if they come out on to the pitch and see a good level of support. I believe there may still be places also on the team coach that is leaving at around 2pm (sure Neil, Graham or someone else can advise on remaining seats/costs, etc).

Get yourself to Gateshead, you know it makes sense (well actually it makes no sense a whatsover to drive to the North East on a Monday night), but you will make a difference.

Yes there are still a few seats left on the coach if anyone fancies it - £15 - 2pm at wincham Park.

there is also no truth in the rumour that we have several airhorns in a hope the sound at least reaches the touch line.
We also have in attendance the legendary Come on Wiiiitttttteeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

No problem about the loss of sleep just cannot get off work in time to go. This is going to be a great game to be at because a win will almost guarentee the title whilst anything less will not be a disaster. Two wins in the nexte two games and we are almost sure of the title so COME ON THE ALBS!!!