Gavin Salmon

Is there any official explanation as to why Mr Salmon has left the club as there seems to be a lot of rumour concerning this matter. Can someone please clarify?

Mossley put in a 7 day approach just after he signed for us. This was up last Wednesday. Mossley’s manager Jason Beckford spoke with him and he agreed to join them. All above board and nuffin therefore that we can do as the end decision is the players

To be honest out of the four new signings so far I’m not too dissapointed about the one we have lost, two have made a good impression on me, one I’m still thinking about and one has already left, so a 50-75%. inprovement with the new manager have you noticed too that up to now all the JD signings that have left have moved down?

Ended up at Mossley v Woodley Sports yesterday afternoon-wasn’t going to risk a potentially wasted trip to Bamber Bridge by a very messy train service (leaves on the line or whatever…)<br><br>GS had a very good game for Mossley-their other forward was sent off early on and he got through a tremendous amount of work on a heavy pitch in horrid conditions and whilst being kicked all afternoon. Maybe he’s just found his level?<br><br>Btw Woodley were incredibly aggressive and I saw one of the worst displays of refereeing for a long time and I think I can safely say that as a neutral…well, sort of neutral, no-one else on here is too fond of Woodley are they?

Pritch, perhaps the manager will tell you why he has left. More money perhaps or was there something else?

Rob that is why i asked just wanted it clearly explained by people within the club as to why he left. So thanks for that.

:slight_smile: Maybe Gavin was not one of the most accomplished finishers who has worn a Witton jersey (Indeed, cow’s a**e and banjo come readily to mind) but at least those who were there for the game v Prescot Cables on 3rd January will remember him for the sublime "assist" that set up Mike Moseley’s 100th goal for the Albion.