Golden Balls

Do we really need to take Beckham to the World Cup ?

Imagine if John Terry got injured.
The rest of the squad would pay to take him with them so they knew where he was while they were away from home.

He would have been in my squad.

To win the World Cup we have to finish above Brasil,Spain,Argentina and Italy.

This now looks increasingly more impossible.

We will do what we are good at,that is, struggle like hell,limp along and miss out in our time honoured penalty shoot-out.

The big four mentioned will all play better football than ourselves and when it comes down to it they also have what it takes.

I am still looking forward to the tournament though.

I agree that he would have been in the sqaud and on merit, when he came on for 20 minutes against United he was the best player on the pitch for Milan and given some of the names in their team that is no small achievement. His delivery of crosses and dead ball play is still some of the best in the world (even though his legs may have gone). Shawn Wright-Phillips, Aaron Lennon or David Beckham, Beckham is still one of the best.