Good pub for a Spartan

Greetings Witton fans.<br><br>What pub/pubs would you reccomend for any Spartans travelling to your place by train.<br><br>I see there are a few on route to the ground from the station…any with real ale? Any with a good pint of guiness?<br><br>Cheers, and can’t wait for Saturday ? ;D

If you’re getting off at Northwich the best pubs are a walk into town - The Anderton or Penny Black.<br><br>If you’re getting off at Lostock Gralam (the stop before Northwich) - the Slow & Easy pub.<br><br>There is no public transport from either to Witton. Witton club will be open.<br><br>GE<br>

Cheers for that.<br><br>Aye, getting off at Northwich. May check out one of those boozers then.<br><br>Like to start early doors though, so still get to your club to put some money behind the bar there.<br><br>Thanks again, see you on Saturday.<br><br>Ha’waaaaay Blllllythhhhhhhhhhh :smiley:

Youll like the prices at the penny black ( weatherspoon s pub ) Anderton is just across the road good but a bit pricy, enjoy the day but hope you go home pointless, if not pintless ;D