Granada Reports Tuesday

Did anyone see Granada Reports on Tuesday night about one of our former players?<br><br>Remember Chris Byrne?<br><br>He’s now wanted by Lancashire Police for being involved in the theft of central heating boilers.

Yet another charge to go with his previous few then!!

The programme mentioned his playing career with Macclesfield, Stockport and Sunderland but, the police are now wanting help in tracing him as they are unable to use his footballing connections as he’s no longer associated with a club.

wasnt he involved in a shooting a couple of years ago.

Could never accuse him of shooting when he was with us!

Got it wrong re his time at Witton there. He was only given one substitute appearance, came on and scored before Ray Ranson decreed he be shipped off to play for Flixton, next thing he’s at Macc and they made a packet when he went to Sunderland.

I’m gona risk being called very sad now but was that a 5-0 home victory over Frickley season 95-96 3rd game of the season?

Certainly was Neil. And how could I call you a saddo!?

If only I remembered info for my exams as easily!!<br><br>Who needs Mourinhio we’ve got Jim Vinceio!<br> [smiley=banane.gif]