Ground grading

Found a link to this, quite interesting I thought, seems we would be ok in the conference period.<br><br><br>;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;God knows how some clubs in our league qualify but…

There seems to be no pleasing some people!!<br><br>I’m sure that the board do have ground improvement plans, but believe it or not, these things cost money and take time. I’m sure you’ve noticed (if you’ve been to a game recently) that the Social Club has recently been updated and made more comfortable and pleasant. <br><br>There is also no point in upgrading immensely in anticipation for the Conference National until that becomes a realist prospect - there is no point in throwing money at the ground to increase capacity etc if it will not be needed for a few years. What’s the point in tying up all of that cash in concrete?<br><br>Our ground is plenty good enough and by far one of the better ones in our league (and I’m in the league above - Ashton, Vauxhall and Droylsden spring to mind) so I think we should be grateful for what we’ve got instead of moaning once more.

Bottom line! We are good enough for Conference National and we are at least 5 years minimum off reaching that level nevermind progressing to the Football League. :o

True it is dated, which is more apparent when you come to do some work on the ground. <br><br>But there is little point in building a large stand etc when more could be better spent elsewhere. Money has been spent in recent seasons on the pitch and the tea bars to note 2 examples.<br><br>One point to possibly bear in mind is most clubs, who undertake improvements at our level (pick anyone you like) will have had great aid from grants etc, these are avilable to us too BUT only to improve your facilities usually in order for you to be promoted ot remain in a league - do we fall into either of those categories?

Running a football club costs a lot of money, you have to strike the right balance of what you pay out on players, what improvements to facilities you do and how to generate more income.<br><br>Perhaps the ground does need some work on it, but if Witton’s is sub standard then some grounds should be closed. We have all the required certificates.<br><br>Perhaps you weren’t aware the facilities we have available are not just for drinkers, if it were I can assure you we would be out of business, they are for events, conferences, meetings, seminars. In fact for the next 11 weeks we are fully booked during the day, everyday. So the bootom line is that we are trying to move away from football and develop the business further. No ambition is that what you say<br><br>Finally, I suppose when the ground was built, you didn’t get wet when it rained at the tea hut, and that from a seat in the main you could see all the pitch.<br><br>

I understand from your comments, that you only value the drinkers, who financially support the Social Club and not the supporters of football.
[/quote]<br><br>You understand my comments incorrectly. I am forever trying to get the fans to support the club vocally on the terraces instead of trying to drag the club down with negative comments. The money side is extremely important; show me any company who isn’t reliant on paying customers, I don’t disagree, but the supporters of the football at the end of the day are the most important; that’s why Witton is here, that’s why we’re all here. To suggest that I don’t value the supporters of the football, only the "drinkers" is ludicrous. <br><br>[quote]

With the greatest respect Debbie, the attitude that you have to supporters views on club matters really is unprofessional.
[/quote]<br><br>Unprofessional as in what? What profession do you refer to? I am no club official; I am merely a supporter as you say you are. <br><br>I note a previous post of yours;<br><br>[quote]

Witton will only attract more fans by playing attractive, winning football.
Perhaps more investment in the team would be a start.
[/quote]<br><br>Money does not grow on trees. We can’t throw money at the ground and the team. If we do, we won’t be here. We don’t have a wealthy businessman handing us cash to help us along. We have to market the club and earn our income to keep it afloat.<br><br>I agree that the car park is dodgy. But we have one. You don’t need to walk along way to get to the ground from your car. You don’t need to park on a side street. The tea bars are indeed uncovered. As are the huge majority of tea bars in this league. We also have covering on all four sides. Bamber Bridge, where we were last week, had covering on two sides, for example.<br><br>The thing that annoyed me about your post was that it was a negative unnecessary post in reply to a postive posting about our facilities. Out of the grading system listed, we came out with the highest possible grade. I didn’t see why a negative reply was necessary.<br>

The ground is the same as when we averaged over 1000 so I think it will do until we get that many again

I get the impression that sometimes facilities such as this simply make it too easy to have a good moan.<br><br>I’ve no doubt it would be nice to improve facilities but they really aren’t bad for the level of football which we’re currently watching. The ground was only built in 1989 and yes it may be showing signs of age but there are few if any better at our level.<br><br>My own personal wishlist currently includes some a few more steps of terracing, perhaps a roof all the way along each end, a smoothly surfaced car park and maybe some sort of shuttle bus service from town, chips and peas from the tea bar which should of course be of the "walk in" variety like Hyde’s (but not Hyde prices please!), a new stand which doesn’t face into the sunshine, the return of the programme shop and the family gate please oh and I wouldn’t mind a team fifteen points clear at the top of the Conference North and preferrably without the V**s playing at WP either.<br><br>I’d like these things but I don’t necessarily expect them!<br><br>I am pleased to hear that the club is making money from the facilities under the stand rather than let them sit empty most of the time. I rarely go for a drink in the club on a matchday and I have to say one of the things I like about the Albion is that it’s never been just a social club with a football team. At the same time the club and meeting facilities will generate revenue and a return on the investment in upgrading these is presumably part of the club’s business plan. <br><br>One of the things I’m not so sure the club is good at is consulting with its supporters. I think there may well be a lot of scope to review the basis for some decisions with reference to potential supporters, sponsors etc, for example the family gate versus junior membership debate or the options for any ground development/refurbishment, which might include things like the bar and refreshment facilities.<br><br>Only an idea but trying (unlike some) to be constructive!!! <br>

you are one sad man PeterMellor<br><br>far too much time on your hands and in my opinion, by trying to sound so intelligent you have only proved how stupid you are<br><br>Please feel free to correct me on any little mistake i have made, did i put full stops in all the right places?<br><br>hows my spelling?<br><br>Posts like your last one are just pathetic

Some valid points from Mr Mellor. i.e. the car park. <br><br>If you can’t see some parts of the pitch from YOUR?!? seat, can i suggest that you try one of the other 400 or so that are spare at every home game?<br><br>Final point - I believe your true identity would reveal that you are more green than red!<br><br>Prove me wrong and unmask yourself!

The car park is a nightmare and always has been. It does need improving along with the lighting on it. As for the rest of the comments well none of it is relevant to the current situation is it. We are playing Unibond Premier football NOT Conference football and until we are the view from the stands terraces is not an issue. It does not mean the club has no ambition by not addressing it now, its more important for the club to address the issue of getting us in that position to be able to have this discussion so until then this is a pointless debate in my opinion

It’s a sign of the times when a stand built little more than 10 years ago is out of date. Whilst you cannot change the basic structure without incurring great cost is it possible to reduce the height and number of obstacles that restrict the view?<br>Someone above says sit in another seat - we’ve moved around in our "tenancy" and I don’t think there is any seat with an unrestricted view of the whole pitch - the barrier at the front restricts rows 1 and 2 plus, in common with rows 3, 4 and 5, those "walls", metal structures etc make seeing in the corner a nightmare.<br>Given the development of stadia in recent times you will continue to suffer from being compared to better designed structures often with the benefit of being much higher at the front and/or further back from the perimeter fence.

Mr Mellor, you obviously do not understand where I am coming from, football is the core of the Club, but under the current climate we as a club cannot make ends meet from footballing activities. So my role in the organisation is to try and make use of ALL the facilities we have which very much is the use of the rooms in the Club.<br><br>By increasing our business, off the field it will generate opur ability to support football on the field. An increased playing budget this season, the signing of Ryan Baker, the current offer on the table for a Southport player.<br><br>All these have to be financed. Our football facilities may need some investment, no one is disputing that, the car park does need improving both from lighting and levelling but to do all these things we need gates of 500 people and a successful off field business.<br><br>It is disappointing to hear that the supporters deserve better from the Directors, well if it hadn’t been for the current Board there probably wouldn’t be a Witton Albion now, so I think you are totally out of order with that comment.<br><br>Perhaps you would like to set up a meeting with myself and or Mike Worthington and then we can have a chat.

… and a meeting with Sprucie in the summer (when hopefully it’s dry) so he can tell you where to barrow and level the material currently stock-piled in the car park to improve same.<br><br>Will you be available?<br><br>GE<br>

Amateurish - so what.<br><br>It’s reality, mate.<br><br>It won’t be tarmac’d in our lifetime.<br><br>So, are you available?<br><br>GE<br>

Would love to get in a contractor, approx cost between ?20,000 and ?30,000 so get real, thats ambitious spending a fortune on tarmac isn’t it!!!<br><br>It proves your knowledge of running a football club is very naive to say the least

HONESTLY!!<br>No insulting posts from Vics fans for ages, no mickey taking, no references to status of either club, no mention of rent/new.grounds/hospitality/swampmonsters …and what happens?<br>You start fighting amongst yourselves!<br>It’s enough to make a man wear red undies.<br>Well, nearly. :frowning:

Agree with PM. The Witton team is no better now than 3 years ago and is playing at the same level and in a similar league position. The extra money we’ve given you in rent should have been spent on ground improvements, at least the fans would have seen something for the extra money and the carpark wouldn’t be waterlogged! Witton fans deserve more than a mid - table finish in a low standard league. Next season could be more interesting!

So Peter are you going to pay for this tarmacman to come in?<br><br>This Peter Mellor sounds like another one of your lot Greenun.

I disappear to Anglesey for a few days, and look what happens!!<br><br>I assume the money from the Vics would have been better spent on Tarmac and players than paying off the debts that meant Witton nearly disappeared for ever?<br><br>Would you really rather have NO football team at all?