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The thread has been deleted (as I didnt have time to edit some posts) i’m afriad as it has been drawn to the clubs attention that laws of liable extend to message boards etc.

This is in no way the club sensoring the supporters but just protecting our name and reputation. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we wouldnt want to change that.

Thanks for your cooperation

Very wise Neil. Thanks.

Nothing libellous about this just an observation and some questions

[quote]Re: Retford Utd v The Mighty Vics Match Day Thread
… was on a par with Kwame’s finish! He then turned to myself, John and Andy Simpson before repeating several times: “I TOLD YOU!” Magic moment! ;D :scarf:

Their sports reporter decided to go nearly as far as Lincolnshire to watch vics away at Retford the same day Witton were playing their opening home match in Northwich

Here is witton news on guardian website - if you look at the bottom of the review of the day Witton are the last match to be mentioned, also last result at bottom of page.

At the time of writing this post 14:42 Monday 23rd August 2010 there is no write up on Wittons home match against Garforth (attended by 316) on the Nortwich Guardian website. However the Northwich Guardian very very efficient in posting a full write up of the retford vics game (attended by 271). It was posted by 9:46pm Saturday 21st August 2010 by Andrew Simpson

Do the Northwich Guardian prefer to pay expenses (in the current climate) to send their sports reporter all the way to Retford than to go to a match in Northwich or is it that their sports reporter likes watching vics so much that he pays the expenses himself?

I agree about the rubbish coverage we get in the Guardian, but do we have to “feed” news and reports to them? Is anyone doing that? I know there was a scheme some years back to try and build bridges with them, but that obviously failed. I think we should try again rather than slag them off on here and in their own media.

Just a thought.

A meeting was held with AS and the editor a couple of weeks ago about how we can both improve things. The information requested is being fed through, it is up to those at the Guardian how much of that information is used.

On a completely seperate note, the next edition of the Wittoner is being brought forward to next month and should be hitting around 5000 homes.

Now you are talking!! The “Wittoner” is a great idea that deserves to be kept going if we can afford it. One every three months would surely be affordable.

The “Wittoner” is a great paper. I never get the Guardian as its all adverts with very little news, and coverage of my favourite football team is mimimal. Its therefore not worth forking out the money to read.