Happy New Year

May I wish everyone at the club a Happy New Year and the same to everyone who reads and contributes to the Forum. Hopefully the opinions expressed next year will be as diverse as they were last year. ;D<br><br>Here’s to a good run in the new year, followed by the Playoffs(more than capable) and promotion to the Conference North.<br><br>

thanks (yosser) ;D.<br>happy new year to all witton fans, and players.<br><br>i have it on good aurthority, that lennie is taking an extra fiver to mondays game, to buy ALLLLLL is mates? a new year drink. :stuck_out_tongue: [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif]<br><br>i bet he comes home with 4 quid in change. [smiley=ranting.gif]

?4.50p Tonnee

Hes got to find the bar first !

A happy New Year to all those that are committed to WAFC. <br> [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br><br>I think committed is the right word ::slight_smile: