Harrogate Town v. Witton Albion

As Pritch rightly says we’ve got a very big game coming up. If it’s possible to set aside the recriminations/griping/criticising/moaning/petty points scoring by Vics fans/back stabbing/front stabbing/ pessimism and general despondency I’d like to wish Jim and the boys all the best for Saturday.<br>Coming off the back of the Rumble in the Tunnel and two<br>painful defeats we need to show some genuine support for the players and management.<br>The Harrogate fans are a miserable lot.<br>The local rag tries to drum up support for the team, and has the kick off as 3.00pm so they might all be late!<br>I hope all the regular,noisy travelling enthusiasts will be there to see the red and white shirts whoever is wearing them.<br>And if you want to avoid going through Leeds stay on the M62 until the M1 North and take this to Wetherby then follow the signs to Harrogate.You then come in past the Yorkshire Showground as the printed directions state. It’s further but easier and quicker.<br>Up the Albion!!