He`s really good

A funny thing happen to me on the park yesterday. A young couple sat down to have their caricature drawn. The girl was very good looking, They both looked about 18 years old. As with most women, its hard for them not to talk ;D I always try to make my victims feel at ease when im drawing them :wink: So i asked the Guy what he does for a living ?
Then the girl pipes up " Hes a really good footballer ! He played for the England School Boys team !, And he playes for a really good non league team !" I then ask the Guy whats the name of the None League team ? Oh its Marine! they both say !
I started to laugh and found it hard to stop :smiley:
Whats so Funny they both ask ? Marine are a really good team !
I answer with 5 - 2, to the Albion, 5 - 2, to the Albion ! LOL :smiley:
It was then that the penny dropped and they both realized that i was a Witton supporter ;D
To be fair to them.They were both a good laugh, and found it funny ;D