Health Warning

<br>Taken from Stamford Website <br><br>"Make sure everyone of us brings every "noise making instrument" and as many mates as we can find, whether they can sing in tune or not make sure they make some noise.<br><br>This posting was taken from the Witton site this morning.<br><br>"looking like an excellent following - I know a few who are going in car as well so should be pushing 80-90 which aint bad for a 120mile trip! <br><br>The drum is going and the air horn, any other ideas? <br>Its worth ?3000 folks so its all worth it! <br><br>Apparantly the Witton fans only have a drum and airhorn, so they shouldn’t be too much of a challenge with our four airhorns, drum, two bugles, trombone and focused support of the away goalkeeper.Clipper, loved the trombone M8 and you can play it as well, please bring it again on Saturday.<br> ::)<br><br>I’ve just bought a big pack of paracetamol I think Im going ?to need them<br>

Swap your paracetamol for a horn/bugle/drum and lets make more noise than them!<br><br>Ladies and gentlemen, i think the gauntlet has been well and truely laid down!!

air horms ?11.99 from Halfords - need I say more?

Stu, you obviously want to make sure they hear us back at Wincham Park.