Hello From British Columbia

This is mainly for my parents benefit, if any of you think this posting is a bit wierd. We arrived safely after the longest flight ever, and a 4 hour wait in terminal 2 at Manchester airport. The YMCA is nice, and we are within 20 mins of the main town. We are going to watch an American football game tomorrow night, just over the road from the YWCA. I’ll post something later, and Debbie, please don’t remove this as it is the only way I can contact my parents. Bye, and up the Albion!! ;D ;D ;D

I hope yuou’ve taken your Albion shirt out with you and are spreading the word! <br>Tell them its not a Sunderland Shirt!

Don’t worry, I have got my Witton shirt. I will start spreading the word today when I go to my first homestay. Really enjoying myself and glad that I can access the website from here. Bye.

Spoke to your dad today - he wont be able to reply on here, (a quirk with technology!) so I’ll pass on his regards to you!

The hockey team had their first game yesterday. Result Sandbach 0-2 Local team.<br>Our games today, Sandbach U16 64-0 Hugh McRoberts U16.<br>Sandbach U18 19-15 Hugh McRoberts U18.<br>Try scorers: Matt McDonal, Andy Norton and Rich Murray. Cargs 2 conversions. MOM: Me.

Results from yesterdays 2 games. Hockey, <br>Sandbach XI 5-1 St. Georges XI.<br>Rugby, Sandbach U16 48-3 St. Georges U16.<br>I played for the U16s and was told I had played well. St. Georges was a very posh school with very good pitches. I am in the YWCA, away from the other U16s. The Hugh McRoberts lot were a great bunch. Mike, who stayed with us, has now left school so wasn’t there. The St. Georges lot aren’t any fun, apparently, and their teachers are a bunch of miserable gits. Got to go now, off to climb a mountain, BYE!!

Yesterdays hockey result, Sandbach XI 2-4 Victoria XI.<br>Todays rugby result, Sandbach U18 38-5 Castaways Wanderers U18.<br>I was again told that I had played well. We played well in the first half and should of done a lot better in the second half.<br>We went whale watching today and saw a load of killer whales, including a massive male and a few calves. There were a couple of the whales fooling around, flipping onto their backs and showing us their fins. It was brilliant. The trip out was great, 55mph (at least!!) over big waves, some about 10 feet. We got a fair bit of hang time off some of the waves before a big splashdown. I am currently in my final homestay with 3 other guys in a huge house. We are right out into the sticks, staying with a family with 6 cars (that i’ve seen!) including 2 '67 Mustangs. Must go now, speak to you later, BYE!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Dad, you can now probably become a user now as I have now got my own Hotmail account and e-mail address so you can use the family one. Having a great time, BYE!! ;D ;D

Got yesterday’s score wrong, Sandbach U18 31-5 Castaways U18. Sorry! :-[

Result from two days ago. Sandbach XI 4-0 Victoria XI.<br>Todays result, yesterday for you.<br>Sandbach U16 97-3 Cowichan U16.<br>Sandbach U18 31-5 Cowichan U18.<br>Get in!!<br>A 100% record for both rugby teams and a 50% record for the hockey team. A superb tour!!<br>I played against a Canadian U18 international prop today and held my own against him.<br>Everyone keeps saying that I have been playing well all tour. I’m quite pleased about it.<br>Were off to have an end of tour meal at the Old Spaghetti Factory soon.<br>Got to go now, see you tomorrow, BYE!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Heading back in a little bit. Setting off today arriving tomorrow. Looking forward to getting back. Off to the mall shortly.See you tomorrow, hope you enjoyed Cheltenham, BYE!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Thanks for the public service provided by the WAFC forum.<br>He’s back safely so we’re off to Matlock!<br>Up the Albion