Herriott Sports bar !!

Just seen this snippet in this month’s Cheshire life.
" The new Harriotts Sports Bar was launched at Marstons Arena @ The Quayside in Northwich"
No mention of NVFC,or whatever they call themselves these days,then. ;D

The Quayside? :smiley:

Will they be vetting who goes there?

do they sell big macs in there.? :smiley:

Only when it’s raining…

Who in God’s name is going to go to an industrial estate to watch sport when all the local pubs show Sky etc. Another financial disaster for Mr Connett I think.

I would agree with you to a certain extent because Mr Conman aims at an upmarket audience. What I would say is that if we sell up and move on there’s going to be a lot more housing in wincham. Therefore his Herriots club could well be utilised by those extra houses in future years as somewhere to go socially. This is why I’m of the belief that if we do have to stay at Wincham Park it won’t be a disaster for us. But we’d need to get our social club right so that people in the new houses use our facilities and not Herriots to take advantage. I’m thinking about the set up at Farsley where their social club basically keeps them afloat!!

A good point MONA but I still would not go to an Industrial Estate for a pint when I can go in the opposite direction and fine a decent pub.


I think the story shows who is (still) really in charge at Vics everything else seems to have been a smoke screen, I was reading before who still has the Chairmans spot at the ground and in the directors box!

The problem is whether the suppliers will get paid for all the food and drink that was dished out to the film crew!!!


actually i admire the man, he as done more for that shower of sh#te than i could ever of hoped for.long may he reign.

theres only one miky c

do they still do bogof,s at herriots?