Hi doggwaterUSA

Ild like to welcome doggwaterUSA to the forum. Or Brad If you like. Ive known Brad for the last 3 years. He is also a caricature artist. And he also loves football, or soccer as he calls it ;D
He a great Guy and very down to earth. We keep in touch with each other, over a Caricature web site. He always asks how Witton are doing?
We`ve also got to meet each other at different Caricature conventions. The last one being in Ohio.
Brad and his family let me stay with them. I had agreat time ;D I gave Brad a Witton shirt. He promised that he and his family will support Witton from the USA.
How Cool is that ? We have a USA SUPPORTERS BRANCH ;D

Here’s hoping it developes into a full tree ;D