Judge’s decision means Horden CW have to fold

Horden CW Football Club, with a 108 years of history, have had to sadly fold due to Horden Parish Council having to follow the Judge’s decision at Newcastle Crown Court on the 29th of January.

Despite the football club forming a new committee and requesting to Horden Parish Council to play the remaining six home games at Welfare Park our request has been declined by Horden Parish Council.

A statement on the club website read "It was the last option we wanted to take but without a home ground it was not commercially viable to play elsewhere.

We would like to pass on our thanks to the Horden residents and the 1700 online signatures who supported us in our attempts to remain at Welfare Park.

No futher information will be given from the new committee, if you require more infomation please get in touch with Horden Parish Council"

They should ask Jim Rushe how to get out of this.