Hornchurch situation

Proving that a millionaire sugar daddy isn’t the answer in football espicially at this level.<br><br>Thursday 4th November 2004<br><br>Late last evening, the chairman Gary Calder and manager Garry Hill were informed that there would no longer be the funds available to sustain Hornchurch FC.<br><br>Players and staff were issued wage cheques on Tuesday, but these were all stopped.<br><br>Gary Calder said, "The party is over and the rollercoaster ride has come to an end. The club will continue playing football and will compete in the FA Trophy and the FA Cup. We are absolutely devastated".<br><br>Manager Garry Hill said "I feel the same as each and every person connected with this football club. I am empty inside. The league table doesn’t lie, we all thought that we could take the club to the next level. After all it’s November and we’ve only lost one league game. Everyone connected with club, the staff and players have worked hard and we need the supporters to rally round."<br><br>Coach Kevin Hales said "It’s not just the players and staff, it’s their families as well. It’s been a really traumatic day and we need 24 hours to clear our heads. Who knows what might happen, but there might be someone who will come forward and ask to take control of the club. We will be taking advice from everybody and we will see which way the ship steers next"<br><br>At the present time, Gary Hill remains the manager of Hornchurch FC

Aparently the reason for the sudden withdrawl of funds is due to one of the Chairmans buisneses going bust.

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