How do the Play Offs work?

Can anyone confirm how the playoffs work out. With 4 teams relegated from the NPL and 3 teams automatically promoted from the 3 feeder leagues as champions i.e. Macc - that leaves 1 final space to be competed for in the playoffs and here are potentially 3 playoff winners. I am obviously missing something…

The system is a bit complicated this time because of changes to the Pyramid system.

Example: Macclesfield promoted. Leek, Workington, Clitheroe & Runcorn Linnets in the play offs.

Ramsbottom & Colne are relegated but there are also play offs between different leagues based on points per game and positions I think.

Could be restructuring on geographical areas as well.

I think you have it there Wheels. There will be 8 playoff winners across all the leagues at our level to fit into 4 places in the leagues at the next level up. So looks like some inter league playoffs with then perhaps some further adjustment by the leagues management committees to get the winning teams in the most appropriate leagues

@NonLeagueMaps on twitter is a great resource for keeping track of the likely permutations for next season.

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I still don’t see how its going to work. 4 teams relegated, 3 league winners promoted, leaving 1 vacancy. Tomorrow we have 3 finals where there will be 3 winners. So who goes up?

All champions and play off winners will go up. The two most southerly will go in the Southern League Central Division which is the Same level as the NPL Premier and feeds into the National League North.

There are also Inter-Step Play Offs this season. Widnes have had a reprieve and will stay in Northern Premier League West Division next season.

Glossop North End must play Ashington AFC from the Northern League in a Play Off. If Glossop North End lose, they will be relegated but a win will keep them in the league.

If Ashington win I presume they will go into Northern Prem East and the most westerly team in that league will move into ours.

Ashington AFC won 3-0 at Glossop North End so Glossop North End are relegated.

Avro won 2-1 at Lincoln United so they will take Glossop North End’s place in the Northern Premier League West Division next season - subject to confirmation.

As Charliebel says, Ashington AFC will play in the Northern Premier League East Division - subject to confirmation.

So Workington have been promoted straight into the Premier division - so the other play off winners will go in the southern league? Bat they are already at 22 teams, so the leagues must be getting bigger?


Four are coming down from NPL Premier so there are four vacancies for promoted teams. The other two will go in Southern league Central. Probably Halesowen and Stamford.

OK so the Southern League Central would only take the winner and play off winner from the Southern feeder league. As 4 teams get relegated from the Southern Central Premier League, this leaves 2 places to be filled from the Northern Premier League feeder leagues.

That’s it basically, Yes. And then once the dust has settled on that, there’s usually some sideways shuffling between teams who weren’t promoted or relegated depending on location, like Basford and Mickleover last season.

All very complex!

This is where I’ve got to with the look of our league next season based on a 20 club league after yesterday.

Leaving us Macclesfield, Workington,Colne, Ramsbottom, Glossop & Skelmsdale.
Joining us Nantwich, Stalybridge, Vauxhall & Avro and another two through switching.

Currently the furthest away trip next season will be Clitheroe.

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NonLeagueMaps are predicting Hednesford and Chasetown to be the two switchers joining us.

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As Stamford were Midlands Division Champions they will automatically go into the Premier Division.

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