How long . . .

. . . before the 'keepers are going up for corners at Telford?

Scenario : 10 minutes to go at Telford. On the bench (either side), you know that Albion are winning (fingers crossed!). A draw is no good, you have to win. If the scores are level, or if you are behind, at what point do you order your keeper up for a corner? You can’t leave it too late, but, as we know from this season, it can lead to a soft goal against. As we also know from this season, it can pay off. I’m certain there’ll be some desperation football at The Buck’s Head after 4.35pm tomorrow.

I think we’ll need to win by 4 goals, a tough ask, but far from impossible from our lads, who have played some fabulous football this year. And, of course, hope that it’s not Telford who score what I feel will be the crucial first goal tomorrow. It would be nice if we were 4 goals to the good and Burscough could score late on. Telford must be due a bit of bad luck late in a game after the last two fixtures, in which they’ve had a late penalty wrongly awarded to them (according to their management), and not had a late penalty awarded against them (with their defender admitting he committed a foul).