how many

Just a quick question. How many teams get relegated from the conference 2 or 3? BBC ceefax say 3 nation press say 2. can anyone give an answer.

Answer - DEFINITELY THREE - Top of both Conference North & South PLUS Play-off winner - see below<br><br><br><br> NATIONWIDE NORTH AND NATIONWIDE SOUTH PLAY-OFFS<br>Regional semi-finals - Mon 2 or Tues 3 May 2005 <br>highest placed teams have home advantage <br> 2nd place vs 5th place <br> 3rd place vs 4th place <br> Regional finals<br>Sat 7 May 2005 <br> Winners of 2nd v 5th vs Winners of 3rd v 4th <br> <br><br> NATIONWIDE NORTH AND NATIONWIDE SOUTH PROMOTION FINAL<br>Sat 14 or Sun 15 May 2005 <br>At Stoke City <br> Northern Winners vs Southern Winners <br>

cheers chad! Still hope then.