I would just like to say...

i play for witton U15s, and because of this thought it would b a good idea to go and see witton v telford as it was so cheap and only an horu after my training anyway which is at the pitches. all i can say is brilliant game, ok we lost 1-0 but the amount of fans and the atmosphere for unibond level was amazing. because me and my friend loved it so much we decided to go to the frickley game. we were a bti annoyed because we thought the atmosphere was rubbish, however after no mroe than a couple of minutes the singing started again and because of the news of telford losing, the shouting soon started again. we have loved these games so much we are going to semis, and of course the playoff final, luckily both at wincham (i no we r not defintley in it but i am an optimist :)) it is amazing how much unibond can extite me, and as u can probably tell by my name i love to see adam warlow and rob lloyd in action, also great to get millers autograph and say hello to gradi when i saw them against telford, i would just like to thank all the supporters for a fantastic time at the stadium, ur all very polite and me and my m8 fitted in straight away, thanks for everything.

p.s. if u see sum1 in a witton prostar jacket with 7 on front, wit short hair, tht is me, lol :smiley:
p.s.s. unfortunatly i can not always afford the amazingly cheap ticket price so will most fans be willing to accomany me and my friend fo you think? ???

thanks again

I am sure someone will see you get in okay, Wittoners tend to stick by each other.