Ilkeston Town Tonight

Pitch inspection at 3-ish.<br><br>GE<br>

Ilkeston are having a further inspection at 5-ish. Please check with the Club on 0115 932 4094 before travelling.<br><br>GE<br>

Match OFF<br><br>GE<br>

Re-arranged for Thursday 20 April 2006 (7.45pm). The day after we play Blyth at home.<br><br>Busy time ain’t it!<br><br>GE<br>

Thats an absolute joke. As per Pritchs posts earlier the league can’t be that desperate to finish the season on time.<br><br>It really jeopardises any chance of us making the play offs.<br><br>I only wish they were that insistent on other matters like Runcorn and Spennymoor not fulfilling fixtures.<br><br><br>

i agree that run in will cost us dear, it is impossible to perform at that level without a reasonable rest period. As soon as we drop points Jim should dip into the squad and rest players whenever it is needed.

Unibond must really want us to stay in their league!!!<br>WHS

At the end of this season i hope that everyone from fans, players and officials politely make the following points to the league.<br><br>1. Why did the league start a week later than other non league divisons?<br><br>2. Why are we persisting in an unpopular League Cup format? This second point has been the vain of this league for the past few seasons, get it back to a League Cup, first division cup and the old format presidents cup please.<br><br><br>It is easy to blame the weather with regards to the now inhumane fixture backlog most teams are suffering, but with a bit of forward planning at the start of the season this could have been avoided.<br>

The person to blame for all this is Duncan Bayley, he is past his sell by date, not in touch with the real world. <br><br>The Legue Cup competitions are his baby and he loves the games.<br><br>The Unibond league are getting isolated from the rest of non league over the feeder leagues, once again all down to an inefficient Chief Executive - time for him to go.