Ilkeston TownWarming the hands of an international

Looks like we will be playing against a future star on Saturday, I’m sure we will get him well warmed up for his call up! [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br><br>Ilkeston Town’s on loan goalkeeper Jamie Annerson has been selected for the England under 19 squad to play against Switzerland at Crewe Alexanda’s ground next Tuesday 14th November. <br><br>Jamie is at present on work experience at Ilkeston Town from Sheffield Utd. <br><br>Everyone at Ilkeston is delighted for Jamie and we wish him well on Tuesday<br>

He won’t be as good as our lad!!!<br>WHS

Bit heartless that one Stu that could have been a career/life threatning injury.<br> [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif] [smiley=nono.gif]