Interesting pics of the Central Ground

I saw these two pictures of the Central Ground posted on a lost non-league grounds Facebook group and thought they were worth sharing!

The original poster said they were taken some time in the 60s. Looks like a decent crowd… by today’s standards anyway. Looked like a great view from that grass bank!

On another note, my Grandad always used to refer to one of the ends as the ‘Slaughter house end’ - is it right there was an abattoir next to the ground? :grimacing:

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Definitely 1960s. The furthest left Witton player in the top picture looks like player manager Ken Barnes.

Opposition could be Mossley or Buxton going by the strip.

Always knew the ends as the Station Road and Social Club ends.

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Great pictures, the old tea hut on the bank which was still there when we left.
The Slaughter house end was that end ( Oak Street/Ash Street) due to the abattoir.
The Gladstone club end was the other.

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Hard to imagine there was ever a ground there! I’m old enough to remember the ‘other’ town centre ground, but sadly not the CG.

WP is a great facility for our level, but it does feel a little devoid of character - our former home looks to have had that in abundance!

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The Central Ground was a lovely old ground but the U Lock It/Wincham Park now feels like home and I like it.

I reckon that was very early 60’s and I remember Gladstone end and Oak St end. UTA

I grew up on the Central Ground and it provided me with many fond memories.
However even 35 years ago it needed a lot of updating . We had to move and Wincham Park is still by far the best ground in our league by a distance.

Brings back fond memories. Great football was plated there under Ken Barnes. Days of the Central Ground choir. Great times.

My favourite players were Joe Dale and Alf Ashley. Don’t know whether true or not but I was told when Everton were interested in signing Alf, the money they offered under maximum wage was less than that earned at work and Witton combined.

How times have changed!

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Both Joe and Alf were friendly with my dad, but both had retired from football by the time I started watching Witton.
I did see see them playing once - in a charity match when they must hsve been well into their 40s.

The first Witton team I remember well was the Ken Barnes team including Peter Mellor and Chris Nicoll etc.

They too were good times and players.I met Jack Wilkinsons son recently.He was an old fashioned number 9 who went straight to Arsenal from Witton.I saw him playing for Port Vale afterwards and he was still very effective.

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