Is it Vics or Connett United

So the takeover is finally materialising, well it shows what a character the person taking over is, he has allowed the club to drift further into debt and forced them into administration, as predicted by me. <br><br>He now has full control of the club, one man and his dog, and the club has a lease to play football on the ground once it is completed, if ever.<br><br>So what are his long term motives, clearly not football, will the grant money be available, very unlikely.<br><br>The people who have ruined a well respected club like the Vics are Stone and Nuttall, they should hang there heads in shame, after what they have done to such a proud club. They should be banished from every ground in the country, they have mismanaged the company and the football club.<br><br>There has been some interesting comments, plenty of banter, I would not like to see the Vics fail, I wish them well

<br><br>dave stone will have to get his arse into gear and allow ben connetts dad to give us the money and start the ground going again. I do not want to watch them at witton for another season.<br><br>i helped out on the ground and needs to be completed. not much to do alot has been done.<br><br>come on lets get it sorted. <br><br>anbody that helped out on here will know me mabee.<br><br>phone me if you need anymore help.<br><br>number on the wall in the cabin.

Hippo be fair Stone and Nutall have done an excellent job, we can only hope Mr. Connett can follow in their footsteps! <br>