Jamie Tandy

Various national daily papers are carrying a story relating to Jamie;




Hopefully for Jamie’s benefit this matter is all over and he can focus on his career and life. If he needs further help to rehabilitate then hopefully he can get this, drink will not help the matter. If as a club we can help him then good.

Whilst no excuses condone the actions he was the victim himself of a vicious attack that arguably cost him a career as a league footballer. The impact of this on him clearly hit hard.

From a supporters perspective Jamie has always appeared to be a good lad and hard working on the pitch, he clearly has a lot of talent and I think that if he proved himself with us he could certainly climb back up the leagues. Seriously a player of his quality should at least be able to achieve league football with the likes of Macc, Accrington or Crewe.

Releasing Jamie would do no good for the lad or for the club, but he needs to turn a corner and focus on some positives. Right now I wish him all the best and hope he is fit to play tonight or on Saturday, but he cannot afford to have make further mistakes.

Everyone deserves a second chance in life - Jamie has never let us down on the pitch so let’s hope he can sort himself out and we can give him that chance. Don’t like to see talent go to waste.

I will never condone violence, on or off the pitch, but I agree, releasing the lad would not help him sort himself out. We should give him all the support we can and hope he appreciates he has found a club that REALLY cares about its players and everyone else associated with the club. Come on Jamie, give it a go and we will be there for you.

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Looks like saying anything on the matter is likely to cause issues.

A tough one. You could argue that we gave Jamie a chance by signing him on a contract in the first place? Funny how those saying we should get rid of Foster at the weekend, are now saying we should turn a blind eye to Jamie’s situation. Everybody has demons from their past that affect their behaviour in later life - at some point you have to be accountable for your own actions, and Jamie can’t continue to blame Joey Barton for the loss of his top-flight career. Many footballers have their professional dreams shattered, and it is up to them whether they work hard to make the most of their ability and get themselves back to where they want to be.

I believe that if Jamie wants to make a success of his career, then we should support him with this for as long as he is at our Club. If he genuinely wants to get his life back on track then he should be applauded for that - but we should also spare a thought for his former girlfriend, who has obviously had it tough recently too. Surely she is the one who is more deserving of sympathy?

Joey Barton is a player who badly lost his way, but is trying to make up for it now. If Jamie is seriously going to make an attempt to do the same, then he also needs to allow Joey Barton to put this incident behind him. It isnt fair for Jamie to continue blaming his problems on somebody who is clearly trying to clean up his act. Both men need to move on from this.

Jamie needs to forget about Joey Barton and decide what he wants to do next. In 10 years time if Jamie hasnt made the most of his un-doubted ability, then it wont be Joey Barton who is looking back with regrets - it will be Jamie Tandy.

Very good post Robbo, every now and again you talk complete sense :slight_smile:

I have just read and laughed out load about the Daily Stars story.As a decent person i am now compelled to try and find Josephs mis-placed halo.What a complete load of tosh.

I hope Jamie continues to play for us,prior to the winter break he was in sensational form.It would be nice to provide the platform to enable Jamie to earn himself a professional contract that his undoubted talents deserve.

If i ever do find Josephs halo,guess where i would like to place it.

From our official site:

[i]As a result of newspaper articles relating to Jamie and his personal circumstances, the Club wish to make the following statement:

We have been aware of his situation and discussions with Jamie, involving the chairman, Mark Harris, and team manager Gary Finley, have taken place on a number of occasions, and the Club will offer him their support in whatever way we can reasonably do so, whilst being mindful of our overall responsibilites and regretting the circumstances that have brought about the publicity.

There can be little doubt about Jamie’s abilities as a player and we look forward to his full recovery from his present injury and hope that we shall soon see him back doing what he does best, and that is playing football, and we feel sure that our supporters will echo these sentiments.

Graham Shuttleworth - Football Secretary[/i][color=#004000][/color]

An excellent statement from our club officals.

Just like Droylesden did,i am pleased the club are right behind him.It must make a pleasant change for Jamie.

The Man City club officals at the time,should hang their heads in shame.

I still think it is a bit strange that Tandy text the manager at 4.30am to say that he couldn’t play at Brigg and then he is on crutches with a swollen knee that he did falling out of the shower??? I suppose he might not play again for us this season and then be on his way???

He’s on contract is’nt he ? :blush:

We pay him to play football, what he does outside football has little to do with our Club unless it shows us in a bad light and whacking a woman is not something I condone for ANY reason. However, he should be given a second chance, anyone deserves that, but if he steps out of line again that should be the end of his career at Witton Albion. He is not a boy anymore, he is a man and should start acting like one; we have all had disasters in our lives of differing kinds and levels, you learn to live with them or go under, Jamie has the chance with this Club to start a new career that could lead him back to the Football League, if he doesn’t take it, more fool him.

Sorry thought his contract would be only until the end of the season (hopefully May)!

It’s a shame as Jamie Tandy has obvious footballing talent, I enjoy watching him play for us (left midfield anyway, he’s not a full back!) even the grumblies like Jamie, and believe me that’s saying something! The 4.30 a.m text smacks of him falling off the wagon to me and thats a great shame! I hope he can get fit (in mind and body!) and get back out there playing football!

Jamie is having a scan next Tuesday on his injury. He said it was a possible dislocated knee cap.

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