Jim Vince resigns!!!!!

News has reached me from an extremely unreliable source that Jim Vince has resigned and is taking over the Supporters team with Robbo going in the opposite direction. Mr. Vince said he could not turn down this fantastic opportunity to manage such great players. He was sad to leave but the season was petering out for the Albion with only a championship to go for and he fellt the crowds are the Brittania Carpets Stadium loved Brian Pritchard more than they loved him. Non of his staff are following Jim but it is also rumoured that half of Witton’s first team have left the club and joined Rudheath Rangers of the North West Cheshire Sunday League!!


I know you think this is funny, but with what is going on over the water, don’t you think that this sort of posting is a little out of place at this point in time, albeit tongue in cheek.

This is exactly how rumours start and with chinese whispers…who knows.

Keep this sort of posting to the supporters team section and not the main area.

Have moved the thread here.

Good on you Mike.

This is the sort of idiotic title posting we can do without.

If this got out as a rumour and got through to the players by word of mouth, not knowing the content of the posting, who knows how that could affect them.

We fans want this title as do the players and should take care in what we write.

Sorry you took it so seriously, just showing how daft we are to keep taking notice of unsubstantated rumours. I made it TOTALLY CLEAR that this was a joke.

Come on, chaps! Don’t let’s lose our renowned sense of humour. The ability to share a joke, even one at our own expense, is one of the things that makes Witton such a unique club. Surely nobody with any sense at all is going to equate what was obviously a bit of fun by WHS to the dubious goings-on on the wrong side of the canal.

Although it might have been better to save it until April 1st …


Thank You, your Lordship.